Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gretel Parker - Her First Book!

I have an online artist friend named Gretel Parker. We ran into each other (digitally, at least) many years ago and have been supportive fans of each other the whole time. I am so very proud of her as she has just released her first book, "Mrs. Mouse's Cupcakes, a Puddletown Tale".

If you are not familiar with Gretel Parker's artwork, prepare yourself for whimsy and delight. Her work has never failed to make me smile.

And I think you'll smile, too!

Congratulations, Gretel and here's to more and more Puddletown Tales to come until we are all sick of just how cute and sweet and funny it all is! Until then, go buy her book!!


Gretel said...

Wow, thank you Aaron, that is beyond kind!! Do you know, you are my second oldest blog-friend? We have both come a long since then, and I'm truly glad to know you. Many, many thanks for the lovely review, I'm going to blurb it over Twitter now!

Aaron Paquette said...

My pleasure!

And now you are sold out. Well, well...


janet said...

Hello Aaron,
Any friend of Gretel's is a friend of mine. I adore that lady and we have never even met! She is that kind of person. I also blogged about her fabulous book on my little blog.

I am so proud of her accomplishments and I have found myself turning into an avid collector of her needle felted beauties.

Happy to meet you

Janet xox

Anonymous said...

Me too, I blogged about Gretel's book - I am so in awe of her many talents!
Regards Anne

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