Tuesday, August 01, 2006

At First I Saw The Flowers
12" x 9"
Acrylic, Gold Leaf
on Canvas

I've finished moving and I'm settling in, meaning I can start updating with some new paintings soon.

If you've managed to find this journal, please let me know by posting something in the comments section. I'm just wondering if anyone was able to tag along my sudden departure from TELUS Webhosting.


Tav said...

I'm here, Aaron.

lorna said...

Hi Aaron- thanks for keeping me in the loop. Gorgeous work as ever. Hope the move went well!

andrea said...

Hey -- the new blog looks great. I have subscribed again. Hope to see lots of new work up soon!

PG said...

Hi Aaron, good to have you and your lovely paintings back - I tried googling you when I realised your other blog wasn't there, but couldn't find anything. Thanks for letting me know.

natascha said...

Hi Aaron! Thank you very much for keeping me informed. Your new blog look great (as always)! This ismage is so beautiful!! Great work!

Anonymous said...

I found it as well, Aaron.
Aww, what a happy painting. It made me smile

Aaron Paquette said...

Welcome back everyone!


Kathy M said...

Hi Aaron,

I found you here. Glad that things are settling in for you again.

Peaceful blessings for autumn as we start to go inwardly,